The Most Prolific Poet of All Time


please help me to become the most prolific poet of all time: try out the VERBASIZER (click it)!

what is the verbasizer?

the verbasizer is a random poem generator. it is a simple php script i wrote while learning php programming. i initially got the idea after reading about a bit of software by the same name that david bowie used to sort words into parts of speech lists to make his famous, often cryptic, lyrics.

if this violates your copyright laws, mr. bowie, please don’t sue me; perhaps i can work with you and develop a new version. besides i don’t think the original was released to anyone.

wha? how?

basically it draws from lists of all the parts of speech and attempts, in a crude grammar algorithm, to form a poem. the lengths vary, the sentence constructions vary, and most importantly.. the quality varies! it ranges from sweet and profound to hipster esoteric to complete garbage.

here are a few random samples:

the shadowed abyss leads sadly
white-hot view resonates
ours receive
many evacuate unlike the conflict

the enlightened battle strikes
sadly past the shadowed feeling

after the blood
some suspend
towards the desert no one seeks

try it out for yourself.. THE VERBASIZER. the code is all open-source and available for you to manipulate, improve, destroy, or turn into whatever you like. you can even email your poem to your friends.

THE VERBASIZER click to try it.

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~ by cwylie0 on 10/23/2008.

One Response to “The Most Prolific Poet of All Time”

  1. ahahh, great generator…

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